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Check out the chart below to see the upcoming group training schedule. You can sign up for a class if there are still openings and read class descriptions.

FAQ's for Scheduling Group Sessions

Why are clients required to create a profile to book online?

When clients schedule online they must create a Schedulicity profile (or login with a username and password if they are a returning client).Having clients log in connects the client to the appointment. When clients login to Schedulicity using their username and password, they can view their reservation history and any upcoming appointments. They can also cancel, reschedule and rebook from that profile. It is this online account that gives them a place to manage their appointments.

What is "Show All"?

The 'Show All' option is for clients scheduling for the first time that don't necessarily know which group session to choose. When a client selects that option, the system will show them all the open availability on the account.

What notifications do clients receive?

When a client schedules an appointment online or when you schedule an appointment for them, the client is automatically sent a confirmation e-mail just moments after booking. The client is also sent a reminder e-mail the day before the appointment. The reminder is sent out 24-36 hours before the appointment date/time to ensure your clients have plenty of time to receive the reminder.

Can Schedulicity send text message reminders?

For clients, currently it is email notifications only, though with the increasing use of smart phones, most clients do receive those emails on their phones. Text reminders to clients is a feature request still under development.

How do clients cancel their appointments online?

Clients can cancel or reschedule their appointments online as long as they are within the 3-hour cancellation policy. You can also go to and sign-in. Once you sign in, your upcoming appointments will be listed and you can simply click on an appointment to see the option to "cancel" or "cancel and reschedule".

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